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I swapped art for algorithms to create things with code!

Hi, my name is Tia Eastwood and I love responsive design!
I'm also a creative coder and developer in training, based in Manchester, UK.

After graduating with BA (hons) Illustration and Animation in 2011, I spent a few years creating and marketing illustrated merchandise online and at comic conventions, whilst also working full-time in contact-center customer service positions. I was extremely passionate about the art and products I was creating and loved all aspects of the creative process. I also enjoyed meeting and networking with people from all walks of life.

Eventually I felt like this path had run it's course and I was looking for a new challenge in life. I've always been interested in technology and if I'm really interested in something then I will learn how to do it! I'd had some previous experience designing layouts for my own websites and blogs when I was promoting my artwork, but now I wanted to enter this realm professionally as a career. So I decided to pursue my passion for code and train to become a software developer. I enrolled in Northcoders bootcamp and now I'm working my way towards my dream tech career, to expand my creativity even further. I have both frontend and backend development skills, but my skill stack will continue to grow.

Languages & Tools

Skills & Experience

Test-driven development
Version control with Git & Github
Pair-programming & remote collaboration
Frontend development & responsive design
Backend development of servers, APIs & databases

My Work

Here is some of my recent work...

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